Woman allegedly stabs man at gas station, officer shoots her

(KATV) Employees and customers at the Exxon in Bald Knob, day they witnessed a woman stab the man she was with and then turn the sharp object on herself. The woman and man are being treated at a hospital.

The couple have been identified as 44-year-old Michael Shaun Taylor and 34-year-old Amy Renee Collins. Both of Cave City.Amy was the driver. They parked at the gas station at about 10, Monday morning. Employee, Catherine Tate saw the entire event unfold. She says, "They walk in, they seem to be normal. He gets coffee she goes to the bathroom. He comes down one of our aisles she meets him there."The manager, Asif Hendani, allowed Channel Seven reporter, Katherina Yancy to see the surveillance video, but would not give the news crew a copy. In the video, Michael and Amy are in the snack aisle. She wraps her arm around his neck. With her free hand, she pulls something out of her pocket and slices his neck.{}Tate explains, "She screams first and then slices his neck open."Michael Collins runs and hid behind the counter where employees are. Three employees were working and 6 to 8 customers were inside. Tate says, "It was panic there for a second. I called 911 a coworker called and a customer did too.In the video, as soon as Amy takes the object from Michael's neck, she starts slicing her neck and wrist. She runs outside and a customer held the door shut to prevent her from getting back in.Hendani says, "I heard that he told someone that he was taking her to a Searcy hospital to a new psychiatrist. If that is true, I hope she gets the help she needs."Tate says, "Next, we go make sure she is not hurting anyone else. She proceeds to slice her throat and wrist more. We tell her to put the knife down and she doesn't. She starts to run towards the woods and the Bald Knob police follow behind her in a patrol car. She was trying to run, then turned and came back toward the officer. I {}guess when she got close enough he shot her." State Police have not released details about her injuries.Hendani says, "I am glad it was early and we were not too busy. I don't know if that person is her husband or boyfriend, but if she did it to more people, that would be very bad. It had nothing to do with us, it is terrible it happened."A Bald Knob Officer shot Amy. The couple is being treated for their injuries. Arkansas State Police have been asked to handle the investigation.