Mother set on fire by son, Father talks to KATV

ALEXANDER (KATV) - Twenty-eight year oldRodney "Clay" Warren is at the Saline County Jail, accused of causing seriousburns to his mother. His parents explained to Channel Seven why they forgivehim.

Karen Warren,51, wasreleased from the hospital Thursday. She is understandably tired and in pain.Her fingers are bandaged and she is burned from her waist down her legs.

Tuesday, Kim Warrenwas at her ex-husband's house with their son, Clay.

Rodney "Claud" Warrensays they were about to get in his truck. As he was locking doors, he heard thetwo arguing outside. "All l I heard Clay say, 'Well, I will set you on fire.' Iwent ahead and locked the door and everything and I turned around and it wasalready happening."

He saw Clay douse hisown mother with a cup of gasoline, then pull a lighter out of his pocket. "Igrabbed a coat, threw it on her and rolled it around."

Claud says he thenasked his son for the unloaded pistol he knew he had. "I said Clay give me thegun. He handed me the gun; he never did point it at anybody."

Claud emphasizes,Clay did not hurt his own mom. "It was not Clay. It was the Dope. He needs helpon the dope part."

Relatives allege Clayrecently started using drugs again and it changes everything about him, makeshim angry and uncontrollable.

When asked if he hasspoken to his son since the arrest, Claud says, "No," But he wants to.

Claud and Kim are optimisticthis senseless event will wake up their troubled son. "He is 28 years old, hestill has a lot of time left but he does need help."

Kim is staying withher ex-husband, Claud until she recovers. It's where she was injured.

One of the charges RodneyClay Warren faces is attempted first degree murder. His parents want to fightfor a lighter charge. Clay has two children.

Detectives arrested himat his home the day after the incident. The 28-year-old was charged withattempted first degree murder, terroristic threatening, first degree domesticbattery, felon in possession of a firearm and aggravated assault, according toLt. Scottie Courtney.