Maumelle woman turns herself in for fatal Easter Sunday accident

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - A Maumelle woman turned herself in for an accident that killed two people earlier this year.

Twenty-one-year-old Ladrill White spent Christmas Eve in jail for an accident that happened in Little Rock nearly nine months ago.

It was Easter Sunday morning on March 31st when a stretch of Stagecoach Rd. turned into the scene of a fatal accident. Forty-nine-year-old Patricia Miller and 26-year-old Blake Brown of Little Rock were killed. Miller's grandson, 9-year-old Zavian Miller, was injured. The person behind the wheel of the car that struck them was Ladrill White, authorities found marijuana in her system.

"She was then charged with manslaughter based on having the marijuana in her system," said Lt. Sidney Allen, spokesperson for the Little Rock Police Department.

White was reportedly going 84 mph, nearly 40 mph over the limit. She was just arrested this week on Christmas Eve.

"The reason why it took so long for her to be taken into custody is because they had to wait for the state crime lab to develop the blood and urine and all that stuff to get the results back," said Lt. Allen.

The victims' family members had to wait nearly nine months for White to be served a warrant. Lt. Allen says it's simply because the state crime lab is backed up.

"Although we knew who our suspect was and the family wants instant closure, there are some things that they have in their own system that makes other things have a little different priority over the current deal," he said.

Lt. Allen says investigators only had one suspect but needed to wait on tests for confirmation.

"We knew who our suspect was and all. We had to do was wait on the information to get back to verify the beliefs of the investigator," he added.

White is charged with two counts of manslaughter. She is being held on $20,000 bond.