Women's shelter needs donations to help victims of domestic violence

HELENA-WEST HELENA (Times-Herald) - Victims of domestic violence in the First Judicial District of Eastern Arkansas have a safe haven in the Anna's Place Women's Shelter, but donations are needed to continue to help these women begin a new life.

The Family Center, Inc., under the names Anna's Place and Angels of Grace, provides what it can for domestic violence victims in St. Francis, Lee, Phillips, Monroe, Cross and Woodruff counties. Information provided by the center shows that the organization is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that provides preventative care, treatment and rehabilitation of victims. That includes housing for persons who have been battered. The shelters also assists law enforcement to provide options for domestic violence victims.

The Family Center is located in Helena-West Helena, and provides services to all of the area shelters.

Shelter manager Pamela Smith said donations are needed to continue to provide these services.

"Anna's Place's goal is to better serve the women and children who are the victims of domestic violence," said Smith. "We provide a safe haven for them here, but if they feel that there are better options out there for them (than staying at the shelter), we provide what we can for them to get back on their feet."

Smith said the items that are needed vary in each case, but donations are always welcome.

"Some need furniture, while others need clothing and personal items," Smith said. "We even need baby supplies such as diapers and clothing. We also need money to purchase items to run the center and provide items that aren't donated. We do whatever we can to help.

"People wanting to make donations to the center may send them to The Family Center, Inc., 406 Pecan Street, Helena, AR 72342," said Smith. "They can also contact me at 270-2812 for more information or to give a donation."

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