Workouts resume at Oaklawn Park after missing nearly a week

HOT SPRINGS (KATV) -- Oaklawn Park canceled itsracing card last week because of the freezing conditions, and an Oaklawnspokesperson confirmed each day cost it millions of dollars in betting revenue.

Horsemen including trainers, jockeys and barn assistants were all unable to domuch work last week because of weather conditions, costly to all parties.

As horses sprinted pastthe finish line during training at Oaklawn Park Tuesday morning, the thoroughbredsweren't the only ones ready to run.

"If they aren't onthe track they're not getting fit for the races," said Oaklawn spokeswoman,Jennifer Hoyt.

"The horsemen, they'renot making any money, their help's not making any money, so it's harder on themthan it is the actual track."

Precipitation and lowtemperatures put a freeze on morning workouts for nearly a week, but accordingto one trainer the larger loss was canceling an entire weekend of racing.

"If you miss a dayor two training it's no big deal, but when it's a stretch of four orfive-straight days that's probably when it has the most affect on us.," saidtrainer Cody Autrey.

We look-on as Autrey, Oaklawn's2014 meet leading trainer, scouts horses during the morning training session.

Autrey said keeping agood routine with these animals is important, especially if you want to win. Hewent as far to ship a couple of horses to a track in Louisiana for a few daysjust so they could workout.

"They'redisappointed because we haven't been able to train or race," said Autrey aboutfellow trainers and horsemen.

"You know people are herefor the season to race and train. Missing days are days that we won't make upso they're not too happy, but everybody has the same boat to live in so we'vegot to figure it out."

Oaklawn says there is a strong-possibilitythese missed days will be made up later in the meet, but one sure thing ispurses for several remaining races have been bumped up.{}