World Records Academy certifies the world's most expensive hot dog was sold in Little Rock

The WorldRecords Academy is certifying the fact that the world's most expensive hotdog was sold right here in Little Rock.

TheONEdog, created by Hot DogMike Juliano, contained a quarter pound premium all beef hot dog, topped withlobster tail, saffron and gold flakes.

All that cost $1501. Hot Dog Mike says $1500 goes to a homeless support non-profit organization, The OneInc. - also known as "The Van." He'llkeep that other dollar.

The Guinness world recordfor the most expensive hot dog is the Dragon Dog which sells for CAD $100 (or the equivalent of $100.70 in American currency) at DougieDog in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada,according to the World Records Academy.

To see Hot Dog Mike talk about his creation, click here.