Wound Care Center Saves White County Man's Leg

There is{}amazing work happening at the Baptist Health Wound Care Center in North Little Rock. One patient knows how amazing it is. He would have lost half his leg without it.

{}Last fall, Stuart Parsons was riding his motorcycle in Searcy, when, in an instant, he collided with a truck and was severely injured. Weeks later, one of his injuries never got better.

{}"My foot, my heel, started turning really, really black and got really hard. And it just didn't feel right," Parsons said.

{}By the time Parsons got to Baptist Hospital, his foot was in very bad shape.

{}Dr. Angela Driscoll, is one of a few board certified wound care specialists in the state. She says 10 years ago, a below the knee amputation would've been the standard treatment. But, now, Parsons{}got an aggressive attempt to save his leg, including,{}IV antibiotics, and a negative vacuum pressure system.

"It's almost like,{}putting a vacuum cleaner to your wound to help stimulate the red, healthy tissue to grow," Dr. Driscoll said.

Parsons then was ready for a skin graft, and just three months later, he was back working as a pipe inspector.

"I feel a lot better. I actually do get to walk now. Before, I was on crutches and I didn't get to walk for five months. So, anything's better than that. There's no place i'd rather be for my wound care that right here. I can assure you," he said.

Dr. Driscoll says any wound that has not healed in six weeks or has odor, or puss, or causes fever needs medical attention.