Wounded Warrior to see brother play in Iron Bowl

(KATV) LiTTLE ROCK - A wounded warrior who isjust 20 years old received an early Christmas gift Friday and it involves a toprecruit from Arkansas. Jamarcus Woods is a Private First Class from Little Rock.During his first deployment to Afghanistan, he was seriously injured.

Instead of going tocollege on scholarships, Jamarcus Woods enlisted in the Army when he was 17. Itis a decision he is very proud of. He still has a lot of physical therapy to gothrough, but you would never know the pain he is in because he lights up theroom with his smile and jokes.

Jamarcus spent threemonths in Afghanistan. He says it is all the time he needed to be humbled. "Itis so poor over there. Constantly at war, it's bad. I am very grateful that wecan protect and serve the United States."

On September 3rd, while onan assignment, an IED reportedly ripped through his vehicle. "I can't tell youwhat happened because I was out." He only knows what fellow soldiers latertold him. "It was over like 1200 pounds of explosives and they said the vehiclecaught on fire. Then it rolled down the hill and they said I was under thetruck in a pool of oil."

Jamarcus has a broken leg.He suffered burns to his legs, arms and hands. In October, he was one of sixmen who received the Purple Heart. "I am just glad I am still here and Iam able to see another day."

Jamarcus hasn't seen hislittle brother in two years. Altee Tenpenny is a freshman running back for theUniversity of Alabama.

Jamarcus' commander wrotethe non-profit Tide for Troops to request Iron Bowl game tickets. Southwest Airlinesstepped up to provide the round trip. "I am happy this happened so the wholefamily can be there. I am very thankful and grateful it was all set up."