You snooze, you lose: Popular diet claims you can lose weight overnight

It's like a dream come true for millions of people trying to shed a few or even a lot of pounds. It's called The Overnight Diet and it claims you can go to bed tonight and be two pounds lighter tomorrow morning. And it's all without exercise.

The Overnight Diet simply requires a high protein regiment for six days followed by a liquid diet for one day and lastly at least 7.5 hours of sleep per night.

But's it's not what it requires that's causing a stir, it's what it promises. Dr. Caroline Apovian, the creator of the diet, claims you can lose up to two pounds a night.

"It really literally made me laugh aloud," said Betsy Day, a dietician at the UAMS Weight Loss Clinic.

Day said red flags went up when she heard a word that is used all too commonly with today's diet fads.

"Anytime that they're going to guarantee anything or put a time frame on anything or a set number on that then you're setting yourself up for failure," said Day.

But the biggest problem dieticians and fitness trainers have with The Overnight Diet is the promise that not a single minute of exercise is needed.

"No pill, no diet, no drink, no machine is ever going to replace the fact that you have to train your body," said Ben Faires, a fitness trainer at D1.

So why do these diets become so popular and their creators so wealthy? Faires says it's because it appeals to a modern day problem many of us have.

"Because we're lazy, that's all there is to it," said Faires.

Day, like Faires, is a strong believer in exercising often in addition to a balanced diet. But even so, it takes time.

"Everyone wants to lose weight rapidly and yesterday," said Day. "There isn't a quick fix and the reality is it's not there."

So with hundreds of rapid weight loss plans being sold to us every year, how do you know whether or not a diet will work? Day said it's simple.

"I think it's the same thing your mother told you," she said. "If it's too good to be true, it probably is."

Day recommends an diet that restricts calories. She highly recommends Weight Watchers.