Young Republicans hold primary debate for candidates

The Arkansas Federation of Young Republicans invited the candidates of their party to debate one another at the Clarion hotel in Little Rock Saturday morning. Asa Hutchinson and Curtis Coleman started off the debate for the gubernatorial race, followed by French Hill, Ann Clemmer and Colonel Reynolds who are running for the 2nd district congressional seat. In the 4th district, Bruce Westerman and Tommy Moll went head to head. And concluding the morning's debates were Patricia nation and Leslie Rutledge. Each candidate was introduced and given and four to six minute opening statement. The Young Republicans and members of the media posed as panelists. They would then ask a series of questions for fewer than 20 minutes before the candidates would question one another. Before their closing statements they would respond to another series of questions from the panel, and then make their final remarks. The debate for each office ran just under an hour. If one of the candidates wanted to respond to another candidates answer they were given a token. The candidate would display that token and have 60 seconds to comment. The gubernatorial race drew the biggest crowd starting just after 9 a.m.. In a poll done by KATV's political analyst, Roby Brock, former Democratic Congressman Mike Ross had a one point lead over Republican Asa Hutchinson. Ross has an 18 point lead over Curtis Coleman. In the race for the 2nd district congressional seat, Colonel Reynolds hopes to work with business leaders in the 2nd district to grow the local economy. Political Science Professor Ann Clemmer says she wants to cut out of control spending in Washington and repeal Obamacare. Little Rock Banker, French Hill says his integrity, hard work and energy will represent the people of the 2nd district. For more in-depth analysis on Saturday's republican primaries, watch 'Talk Business and Politics Roby Brock on Easter Sunday at 9 a.m..
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