Your Health: Cancer patients get new outlook on life

The experience of cancer challenges a person in every way conceivable... emotionally, physically, and financially. Many times patients lean on their families for support, but there are other groups out there to help those dealing with a cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Coco Dorsey knows what it's like to get a shocking diagnosis. One that's unexpected...and frightening.{}At the age of 33, she found a lump in her breast. Dorsey was quickly diagnosed with a type of breast cancer labeled as triple negative.

Dorsey says, "Which pretty much means that there's not really a reason that they have found. It's not estrogen induced or progesterone induced and it's not genetic. So, I'm kind of a wild card."

Almost immediately, she found out about a program at St. Vincent called New Outlook that offers support services.

"I found Alesa Garner. And she is an angel sent from heaven and helped me through the whole process of losing my hair. And she really helped give me a positive attitude." said Dorsey.

{}New Outlook...and the woman behind it, Alesa Garner, have helped women from all over the state deal with both the effects of the disease and its treatment.

Alesa Garner says, "From the head wear they will need if they lose their hair..To counseling services. To makeovers once a month. To telephone support. I get phone calls every week from other health care facilities saying we don't have the resources or don't know what to do. Will you help her."

Most of the services of New Outlook are free, and regardless of the type of cancer a patients has or where that patient is being treated... New Outlook is there to help.

Garner says "Anybody with a cancer diagnosis, living in Arkansas or getting treatment in Arkansas regardless of where they are getting their treatment... Can come get the services of New Outlook."

Dorsey adds, "Alesa helped me through the whole treatment process, and she helped me through the healing process and she continues to help me today through the surviving process."