Zack Towers attends first football game since head injury

STAR CITY (KATV) - Recovering Star City football player Zack Towers attended his first game since his injury last year.

Towers suffered a head injury on the Star City high school field last November. Friday he and his family cheered on his team from the stands. It has been nearly a year since 19-year-old Zack Towers suffered a serious head injury that put him in a coma for several months.

Since that accident the community has rallied around Zack, sending him cards and even holding fundraisers to help pay for his medical bills. His family has also kept his 25,000 supporters and fans on his Facebook page updated with all of the progress he's been making. But Friday hundreds came out and got to see it for themselves. Towers and his family were sitting in the stands throughout the game cheering his teammates on as they went head to head with the Harmony Grove Hornets. Channel 7 spoke with Zack's mother who says after such a tough year it's nice to be back home and back in Zack's favorite environment.

"We've been wanting to do it. To bring him back to the ball game so that he could experience the same sounds and simulation that he's used to," said Christy Rasico.

But Rasico says being back on the field is bittersweet since it was there that their family's life changed forever.

"I just try to totally disconnect and not even think about it because it's almost too hard to go back," she said."It happened on that end of the field and we're on this side. Just to try to distance ourselves from it as much as we can."

His mom added that Zack continues to make progress. But it's more mental than physical. He has been officially sent home, Friday he is spending his first night in Star City since the accident.