Zack Towers condition upgraded, Star City honors him at playoff game

A small town shows big support for one of its seriously injured football players. Star City residents gathered today to honor and pray for Zack Towers, whose condition has been upgraded from critical to serious.

"I'm here to support Zack towers and his family because they need all the prayers they can get," said Ashley Hopper, a friend of Towers' older brother.

It was the biggest reason why Star City residents showed up for the game today, to honor Zack Towers. And they have honored and supported him so far in more ways than one.

"Everyone in the community has poured out support all over town we have painted their windows has done fund raisers, the power bracelets," said Jenna Johnson, of Star City.

The outpouring of support kept flowing tonight with hundreds of balloons being released in honor of Towers right before the playoff game versus Heber Springs.

"We're going to have a prayer and after that we'll released five hundreds balloons in honor of him and his family," said Johnson.

Even Star City residents have been amazed with the small town's big heart.

"It's just it's amazing and I'm proud to come from a small town like this, it just brings tears to my eyes," said Hopper.

But it is all done with the certainty that Zack will soon make a full recovery.

"I think a miracle is in the making right now, I really do," said Hopper.

Zack's friends have also used social media to show their support. His Facebook page has over 12,000 "likes" and his Twitter has over 2,000 followers. Those web sites played a role in spreading the word about today's event.

According to his Twitter, he has moved his arms a little and both of his eyes have reacted to light. He has also coughed. We will continue to update you on his progress in the coming weeks.