Zack Towers homecoming delayed because road conditions

(KATV) The family of a Star City high school football player delays a Christmas homecoming.

Zack Towers left the game November 1, after being hit in the 3rd quarter of a game against Crossett. He wasn't feeling well; rushed to a hospital and had surgery to stop bleeding in his brain. A relative told Channel Seven that Zack did suffer a concussion 2 weeks prior and was cleared to play.

Zack remains in a coma.

Zack Towers' mom posted on Facebook they thought they'd be taking Zack home Christmas Day, but they didn't want to chance the weather.

She said a lot of Zack's equipment depends on electricity so December 26 they'll buy a generator, hoping to take him home.

November 16th, Zack's parents spoke to Channel Seven. For that story, click here.

The first week in November, the Star City community gathered to honor the football player. For that story, click here.{}

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A TWITTER and FACEBOOK page have been set up for friends to stay updated on Zack's condition.