Zip Codes and City Limits

PINE BLUFF (KATV) -Confusion over a zip code is leading to speculation about city boundary lines in Pine Bluff.Could part of the city's population decline be chalked up to mistaken borders? The last Census dropped Pine Bluff's population to under 50,000. A border study could help...or possibly hurt...those numbers.The fact that some Pine Bluff residents get mail with a White Hall zip code has led to concern that some Pine Bluff residents might make up some of White Hall's population of about 5,500. "That zip code has absolutely nothing to do with the actual city limits or how taxes are done," says Tony Davis with the Arkansas Geographic Information Office. "Those people live in the city of Pine Bluff."Davis says he has no knowledge that the city limits of Pine Bluff need an update, but suggests it is a good idea. "We need to get someone to pull up all of the old annexation forms that have happened over the order to form a new boundary," says 4th Ward Alderman Steven Mays.If such a study finds an annexation was not properly recorded it could produce a small bump in population or tax revenue. But Pine Bluff Mayor Debe Hollingsworth says a better way to restore lost population is educate citizens on the importance of the Census."Typically the census rate is 80, 85, 90 percent," says Mayor Hollingsworth. "And we were like 60 to 65 percent response. Which is very, very bad."The city would have to assign someone to research annexation records in order to begin a city limits study. It remains to be seen if that will be done. Air date: July 29th, 2014