7OYS: Cases closed

We look at three recent Seven-On-Your-Side cases...two of them resolved and one with a state agency joining the fray.


Every week Seven-On-Your-Side volunteers answer phone calls, emails and letters from Arkansans in need of help.

We took a look at the process...and the results.

Our volunteers all need patience because while some problems are resolved with one phone call...others take weeks or months.

Our Seven-On-Your-Side volunteers were hard at work Thursday morning...helping solve the problems of Channel Seven viewers.

And many Arkansans are benefiting from that help.

For example, we told you last week about a BMW sold to an 18 year-old by Bendeck's auto sales.

Turns out the car has a salvage title and that the mileage may have been misrepresented.

On Thursday the owner of the dealership took the car back and issued an apology and a full refund.

It has been awhile since we told you about the story of Chris Hildahl.

Two things were impacting his life in a major way last fall...a head injury suffered while serving in the Army and $40,000.00 dollars in student loans that he could no longer pay back because of his service-connected disability.

We recently heard from Hildahl's wife Marilyn. Thanks to Seven-On-Your-Side, Senator Boozman and some helpful people with the Student Loan Agency Chris' school loans have now been forgiven.

And an eyesore property in southern Pulaski county raising the ire of neighbors has attracted the attention of the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality.

ADEQ inspectors found multiple problems at Charlie Porter Salvage that could be polluting nearby water sources.

ADEQ has issued a Consent Administrative Order and we are currently in the middle of a 30-day public comment period.

Our volunteers work Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10:00 am until noon.

If you need immediate help those are the best times to call.

And the number to call to reach Seven-On-Your-Side is 501-324-HELP or 324-4357.

Air date: April 20th, 2017

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