Bibi is back!

It wasn't easy, but an 18 month-old purebred German  Shepherd is back with his original owner after alleged negligence by two animal control services.  


A Little Rock man says he has won a major battle but that he is not finished fighting.

Seven-On-Your-Side has been chronicling his quest to get his purebred dog returned since June.

Finally, there's a happy reunion.

Things didn't go as planned but not much has during this ordeal.

But the bottom line is Bibi is back home.

"You you remember Dr. Jones?” Darryl Lunon asks his dog Bibi. “Do you remember Dr. Jones?"

Darryl Lunon is spending part of his second day back with is dog Bibi at Hillcrest Animal Hospital getting her checked out after a six-month separation.

Back in February, the then 10-month-old purebred German shepherd ran off.

Despite having a dog collar with tags, a microchip and a tattoo in her ear, neither Pulaski County Animal Services nor North Little Rock Animal Control called Lunon to inform him that his dog had been recovered.

By the time he did find out, Bibi had been spayed and adopted out to a new home.

Last week, a judge ordered Bibi returned. Her new owner missed a 4:00 deadline so Lunon says North Little Rock police had to help him get Bibi back.

"He demanded that I do not walk on his premises,” recalls Lunon. “So I had to call her out of his gate for her to come to me and she came straight to me."

"And what is the special call you used to get her?"

"Bibi! Bibi!"

"And she remembered that even though she hadn't seen you in six months?"

"Absolutely she did,” says Lunon. “She came bolting to me."

Bibi appears to be in great shape. Lunon paid over $2,000 for her and planned to produce and sell puppies with her champion bloodline. Since that is no longer possible, he says another lawsuit is necessary.

"Now, we'll focus on North Little Rock and Pulaski County,” Lunon says about his lawsuit. “However that comes out, but this was the big victory here. I got my girl home. I got my daughter back."

While it took the courts to ultimately get Bibi back, Lunon hopes the news coverage helps persuade animal shelters to try harder to find the rightful owners of pets before offering animals for adoption.

A court date for Lunon's economic damages claim has yet to be set.

Air date: September 7th, 2017

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