Booth heading for cell


13 years ago she was the face of Arkansas homecare professionals.

Now Dara Booth is heading to jail.

In 2012 Booth told Federal Judge D.P. Marshall she had learned her lesson. It helped her avoid jail time after a tax evasion conviction.

Wednesday her attorney told Pulaski county Judge Leon Johnson Booth had once again learned her lesson.

He was less persuaded.

Two years ago when Dara Booth first appeared before Judge Johnson to face charges that she stole valuable jewelry from two elderly women...she was feisty.


"Get outta my face!,” Booth yelled at uspushing the camera being aimed at her.

But after court on Wednesday Booth left defeated and without comment.

She was sentenced to four months in jail and seven years of probation.

Police say Booth used Windex to help remove a $16,000.00 ring from the finger of one of her victims.

"Theft among seniors is particularly concerning to us," says Elsie Siegler, President of Alzheimer’s Arkansas.

Siegler says the number of vulnerable seniors being cared for by loved ones or hired caregivers will triple in the next ten years in Arkansas.

To protect yourself when hiring an in-home caregiver, use a reputable agency.

And find out what actions that agency will take if there is a theft.

If you hire someone on your own, pay to have a background check.

Compile a list and take pictures of all valuables in the home and review bank and credit card statements.

And use technology to your advantage.

"There are monitoring systems you can purchase out there to keep watch on your loved one in the home and on your cell phone device,” says Siegler. “So do some research into some software systems."

Siegler says security cameras can help protect caregivers too. She has seen instances where Alzheimer’s or dementia patients falsely accuse caregivers of abuse or stealing. A surveillance system can help clear up such situations.

Dara Booth's state convictions puts her in violation of her federal probation. A hearing on that matter is set for March 15th.

Air date: February 22nd, 2017

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