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Will Dara Booth be going to federal prison? We'll have to wait a bit longer to find out. (KATV photo)

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - When you are on probation, you should stay out of trouble or you could go back to jail.

One Pulaski County woman couldn't stay out of trouble during her federal probation.

Dara Booth got busted for stealing jewelry from not one but two different women.

A state judge sentenced her to 120 days in the county jail. She can serve on weekends.

Now a federal judge must decide if prison is in her future.

Dara Booth drove herself to her probation revocation hearing...confident it seemed that she would be able to drive her vehicle back home afterward.

Booth knew something we didn't know as she entered the Federal Courts building. On March 6 she wrote a letter to Judge D.P. Marshall, telling him she and her attorney were at odds and she needed new representation.

After a closed-door session with just Booth and her attorney, Judge Marshall reluctantly granted Booth's request because she is at risk of going to jail.

"We'll just come back again," says Acting U.S. Attorney Pat Harris.

Channel 7 asked Harris if it was just a delay tactic.

"Sure,” answers Harris. “These things happen, you know? Just gotta have some patience."

We caught up with Booth to see if she would talk with us. "Hello Ms. Booth. What was it about you and your attorney that got crossways this week? What did you say in your letter to the judge? What did you say about me in closed court? You can say it now if you like."

Dara Booth continued on without comment. The court will now appoint her another attorney.

Judge Marshall wants the next hearing rescheduled promptly...he said within the next few weeks.

He also didn't believe that her dissatisfaction with her attorney was justifiable but he did believe communication between the two had been irreparably broken.

Air date: March 15th, 2017

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