Don't get hooked: Military scams

Military scams.


We are in the middle of "Military Saves week."

It's an annual effort by installations and organizations to help service members and their families make informed decisions about money.

Part of that education involves recognizing traps and scams.

The transient nature of military life exposes our service members to more scams.

The Better Business Bureau wants to help make military members "Don't get hooked."

To help...the BBB has a web page dedicated to military money matters. It has tips on how to reduce debt, accrue savings, collect benefits, prepare for a deployment or relocation and protect personal information.

But Mike Rohrer with the Arkansas BBB says part of keeping what you have is avoiding scams that frequently target military members...especially when they transition or deploy.

"Unfortunately what happens is...with that transition that's when these scams are perpetrated," says Rohrer.

The online romance scam, where scammers steal the identity of a service member on social media to gain the trust of victims.

The imposter scam where the families of service members are contacted by scammers posing as their loved one and making false claims about trouble or injury.

Auto sales or real estate scams where online classified ads offer too-good-to-be-true deals in areas populated by military families.

And military loan scams.

"That is one of the things we are really proud of,” says Rohrer. “Working with the Attorney General's office we got the payday loans that were charging the exorbitant interest rates out of the state of Arkansas."

To learn more about Military Saves week and scams that target military families you can visit

Here in Arkansas... The "Airman and Family Readiness Center" and "Family Service Agency" are also taking part in Military Saves week.

Air date: March 1st, 2017

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