Fridge repair company making victims of veterans

A lawsuit and a new location haven't stopped a RV refrigerator repairman from racking up complaints from all over the country...many of them filed by veterans.


Veterans across this country have been filing complaints against an Arkansas company.

Seven-On-Your-Side has been warning you about Jerry Collins and his RV refrigerator repair company for nearly four years.

Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge filed suit against Jerry Collins late last year.

Since then, 50 new complaints from 24 states have been received by the A.G. The complaints total nearly $30,000.00...much of the money taken from military veterans.

"Before he would even agree to fix it...and by the way it is very difficult to find a place to get anything fixed on an old refrigerator...before he would agree to fix it he wanted his pay up front," recalls Ralph VanBrunt, an 84 year-old veteran from Philomath, Oregon.

VanBrunt shipped his failed cooling unit to RV Fridge House on May 22nd and paid $458.00 for the repair up front. So far VanBrunt has received nothing in return.

"He was pleasant to talk to on the phone until I realize I'd been scammed and then he wouldn't answer the phones or talk to me or anything," adds Raymond Lake of Sparks, Nevada.

The 68 year-old veteran says Jerry Collins told him he would get a discount because he is retired military.

Lake wired $413.00 to Wendy Collins via a Walmart money transfer. He has received nothing for his money.

We talked with Jerry Collins back in 2013 when his shop was in Morrilton but he has been a hard man to find since.

Some of the new complaints list a new address in Plumerville.

We visited that location but were told Collins was not there.

In fact we were told he is getting out of the business. But all complaints filed this year indicate otherwise.

They all follow a similar pattern: an online search turns up Nucold Refrigeration or RV Fridge House. Money is required up front. Long delays are blamed on back orders, delivery mistakes, or illness. Refunds are promised but never come. Warranties are offered but not honored. And eventually contact is lost or becomes unpleasant.

Some of that unpleasantness has been directed at the wives of veterans.

"When I finally did get a hold of him he was very belligerent,” says Sue Long of South Sioux City, Nebraska. “Cursing, calling me names. Just not very good to deal with at all." Long is the wife of 57 year-old veteran Robert Long. Long says he paid $750.00 for a cooling unit that came with a lifetime warranty. When the unit stopped working ten months later he says he shipped it to Collins in March and has not seen it since.

Not much has taken place on the legal front since the Attorney General filed suit against Collins back on December 21st. That should change in the coming weeks.

Our attempts to reach Jerry and Wendy Collins and ask them about the new complaints have been unsuccessful.

Air date: August 11th, 2017

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