Judge sets deadline for dog's return

A judge has decided that errors were made prior to the adoption of a dog and that the animal must be returned to its original owner.  


A Little Rock man's quest to get his dog back got a boost from a judge last week.

But...the happy reunion has yet to occur.

If an animal shelter follows proper procedure and adopts out a dog there is little chance of that adoption being disrupted.

But if procedures aren't followed...that's another story. In's this story.

When 10 month-old Bibi ran off in February she had a collar with identification tags. She had a microchip with ownership information embedded between her shoulder blades. She even had an identification tattoo inside her ear.

But owner Darryl Lunon never got a call from Pulaski County Animal Services..the agency that found Bibi...nor from North Little Rock Animal Control, the agency that had Bibi spayed and adopted out to a new home.

On Thursday a Pulaski county judge declared Lunon the dog's rightful owner.

"She said a lot of errors were made so this is the rightful owner Mr. Lunon and ordered them to give the dog back to me," says Lunon.

But so far the dog's new owner...Christopher Vance...and his attorney...Terry Ballard...have failed to return the dog.

So Judge Mary McGowan has now ordered Bibi returned by 4:00 pm Wednesday.

"My hope is we can get Bibi back within the next day or so and then we are going to proceed with our suit against North Little Rock Animal Services and Pulaski county," says Lunon.

"As your viewers know unfortunately BiBi was spayed while in the custody of North Little Rock Animal Shelter,” says Little Rock attorney Kenya Davenport. “And because she was spayed her economic value has essentially diminished and if not eliminated completely."

Once Bibi is returned Mr. Lunon says he will turn his attention to the monetary damages he claims to have sustained because of what he describes as the negligence of animal control officers.

If the dog is not returned by 4:00 Wednesday then Davenport says the dog's new owner could be found to be in contempt of court.

Air date: September 5th, 2017

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