No flush zone

How long could you live in a home without a working toilet? One North Little Rock woman and her family are about to enter their 4th week.


A North Little Rock woman says her family can't take it much longer.

We took a look at the problem they are dealing with and why she says it is not getting fixed.

Regardless of who is to blame or how we got here...the situation that LaQueena Cox and her two children find themselves in stinks.


And here is why...

The toilet in their one-bathroom apartment has not worked in nearly three weeks.

Which begs the question...what do they do?

"I...use the rest room in a and my two children,” says Cox. “I empty it in the woods on my own. A few days...a week at a time...I've been staying at my parents’ house. Because the smell in's ridiculous."

We visited the Parkway Crossing apartment complex's office and asked about the family's situation.

A new manager told us that Cox had changed the locks on her door and that maintenance was unable to get in and repair her toilet.

Cox says that is untrue...that the locks are the same and maintenance has a key.

The former apartment manager was...LaQueena Cox.

She says under her watch a tenant with plumbing problem was taken care of within 24 hours.

"It’s a lot going on out here,” says Cox. “It's uncomfortable. I can't take being yelled at. The way she disrespects her tenants is ridiculous. It's not right. It's not right at all. And now that I have become just a regular tenant, I see what they go through. I really do."

The owner of these apartments...Dalecia Ootsey-Walker...says she has taken a complaint-ridden property and rehabilitated it.

She says she is receptive to her tenants needs and that Ms. Cox is a former disgruntled employee.

Ms. Cox also called North Little Rock code enforcement. She was told if her toilet is not fixed by tomorrow the apartment complex will be fined.

Air date: April 27th, 2017

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