Promotional rescue

School spirit is used against a Faulkner county business by an out-of-state scammer.


Complaints are coming in to the Better Business Bureau about a scam trying to take advantage of school spirit.

We travelled to Greenbrier to visit with a victim today.

Colt Harmon is a proud graduate of Greenbrier high school.

So when he was contacted about an opportunity to support this year's panther football team, he said yes without hesitation.

Harmon's family has operated a truck stop and convenience store on the north side of town for over two decades.

"Our community is important for us,” says Harmon. “They keep us going. That's what has kept us going for 20 years. So anything that we can do to help give back to the community, you know, that's what we wanted to do."

Harmon spent $810.00 on t-shirts that were to be thrown into the stands on Friday nights and a large banner that would be hung on the fence that surrounds John Hawks Memorial field.

The panther logo is blue and presented in profile.

What Harmon not.

"As you can see clearly not the Greenbrier logo or Greenbrier colors..." says Harmon.

The banner is also wrong...including a wrong phone number.

Harmon says Touchdown Sports out of Fort Worth...also known as Boost Sports...claimed it was working in partnership with Greenbrier schools.

It is not.

Greenbrier schools does partner with a promotional company in that is accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

"As a big business we get a lot of calls for sponsorships all the time,” says Harmon. “And we want to do everything we can to help out in the community. You, outreach. So I guess just really look into things before we make that call to send money to...that way."

Colt's Quick Draw was not the only Greenbrier business duped by the Texas company...and Greenbrier is not the only Arkansas community that has been targeted.

The Better Business Bureau says this scam seems to pop in Arkansas every year right before the start of football season.

Air date: August 16th, 2017

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