Restoration story


A 91 year-old North Little Rock woman is feeling better about her driveway.

It is all thanks to a Good Samaritan from Searcy

Shortly after Martha Meredith signed the check in late January she knew she was a victim of driveway robbery.

The evidence of the terrible job was everywhere...a job done by Everything Asphalt and Tom Sherlock out of South Carolina.

The company has an "F" rating with the Better Business Bureau...and for good reason.

Sherlock sprayed liquid asphalt on the drive...over-sprayed onto bricks, doors, gutters, grass and plants.

And cashed Meredith's $3,400.00 check immediately after he left.

"'re doing it free of charge. How come?"

"'s the right thing to do," answers Joe Burton of Searcy.

Burton saw our story on Ms. Meredith and wanted to do something.

So he and his crew visited North Little Rock on Thursday and worked to remove the over-sprayed asphalt from the side of her garage, her brick sidewalks and white gutters.

"It's an oil base so it is pretty difficult to get up,” says Burton. “Citrus based solvents do not do much of anything to it. So we're having to pretty much scrub with a sponge and a bucket and a little bit of kerosene to get it off of there."

"Channel 7 has some good people watching because they were super nice, very polite, very efficient, very willing to do whatever,” says Meredith.

So we thank Joe Burton and his company...IMGN Living out of Searcy...for helping to restore Ms. Meredith's faith in contractors and her fellow man.

Ms. Meredith says she offered to buy the crew lunch and they wouldn't even let her do that.

Air date: March 2nd, 2017

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