Six weeks later, 50,000 fewer miles

The new owner of a car sold by Bendeck's Auto Sales suspects odometer fraud. (KATV photo)


Buying a vehicle that has a salvage title without knowing it would be bad enough.

But now we have learned of another big problem with a Sheridan teenager's car deal.

We told you last week how Jake Tatro was paying for a loan on a car but refusing to drive it because it had been previously wrecked.

Because of that, the bank that financed the deal now wants out of the deal.

"They want the money up front,” says Tricia Clark. “They want their money back. Which is understandable. But he doesn't have $4,000. And I don't have $4,000."

The owner of Bendeck's Auto Sales at 13117 Arch Street says he has proof that Jake and his mom knew the 2004 BMW they were buying had a salvage title.

So far he has failed to produce such proof.

"Did he ever mention verbally salvage title?"

"No," answers Clark.

"And the title said 'Salvage Title' but you never saw the front of the title?"

"Right,” says Clark. “Whenever he was doing the paperwork he had everything in this folder that I've got here and all you seen was the back of the title where Jake was going to have to sign it and he signed it and all that."

On February 2 the car was sold at a Memphis auto auction.

Copart Auctions clearly listed the BMW to have a salvage title and clearly listed the BMW to have nearly 227,000 miles on it.

A week later Bendeck's Auto Sales listed the car for sale on Facebook with only 165,000 miles on it and no mention of a salvage title.

The car currently has close to 173,000 - or 54,000 - miles less than it had when it was sold at auction.

According to the Secretary of State, the registered agent for Bendeck's Auto Sales is Zulhanyi Estevez.

We have yet to get an explanation from Estevez or anyone else regarding the mileage discrepancy.

The location of this dealership puts it in the jurisdiction of the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office.

Clark plans to ask for an investigation.

Air date: April 18th, 2017

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