Stolen Harley ready...but not roll

An unpaid wrecker fee isn't keeping Monty Cox's motorcycle at the impound lot. But something else is keeping it there.


We have learned after airing a Seven-On-Your-Side report Tuesday night that there is an army of Good Samaritans watching our newscasts.

We have an update to the story of a stolen motorcycle and one man's effort to get it back.

When the wrecker service didn't respond to our request to get the $150.00 tow fee waived for this army veteran, we decided to tell his story on air and see how our Channel Seven viewers would respond.

Monty Cox and Lucille, his Harley Davidson, are back together thanks to not one, not two, but over 30 Channel Seven viewers who offered to pay the cost to get it out of Little Rock's impound lot.

The bike was stolen and recovered earlier this month.

"I can't believe so many people were trying to get my motorcycle out,” says Cox. “Somebody paid it...I don't know who it was. But I didn't have to pay anything to get it out."

David Johns, owner of the T Shirt Shop in Levy, and his friend Susan Landrum showed up at the impound lot Wednesday morning and paid the fee.

Many, many other viewers called and tried to do the same.

But…there’s a problem.

"I don't know,” Cox says to himself while examining his motorcycle. “I'm going to have to go to Harley and buy an ignition. Shoot. There ain't no telling. Holy moley.”

When Monty's motorcycle was stolen, it was also damaged.

He was not able to start it and ride it off as expected.

"I'm so happy to have Lucille,” says Cox. “She is a great bike and I just love riding. And I get to ride for vets. And I get to ride in the wintertime...the tots...what is it...Toys for Tots. We do that ride. Yeah so, I'm glad I got her back. It's amazing."

Monty came back later and loaded his motorcycle onto a truck.

He says he'll continue to take the bus to school until he can get it repaired and running again.

The owner of Rock City Harley has agreed to take a look at Monty's motorcycle and repair it free of charge.

Air date: April 26th, 2017

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