After-storm scams

The Arkansas BBB offers tips to avoid getting scammed in the aftermath of a storm.


It has been a bumpy spring for many in Arkansas...and severe weather season is not over yet.

When damaging winds blow, some people are fearful and others are opportunistic.

The Arkansas Better Business Bureau wants to make sure you don't get hooked in the aftermath of a violent storm.

Strong storms can create desperation in anyone...especially when your home or property is damaged.

A knock on the door by someone who says he wants to help can seem a godsend.

"And you kind want to get it fixed because you don't want any more damage,” says Mike Rohrer with the Arkansas Better Business Bureau. “But that is where the scam comes in. They are not somebody for the area. They've got some supplies on the back of a truck. They will start working on your house. Take some of the shingles off. Tell you maybe they need to go get some color to match. Ask you to write them a check..."

Rohrer says he'll be surprised if you ever see that person again.

The BBB advises that finding a trustworthy and licensed contractor after a storm is critical.

Get a written estimate and multiple bids...even when things seem urgent.

Contact your insurance company and seek advice and input.

Avoid paying a large sum up front.

And most importantly...beware the knock on the door.

"You don't know if they are licensed or if they have experience,” warns Rohrer. “I think we had a story last year where a tree actually...they came and they were doing that saying hey we'll take that tree down for you and they dropped it on the house. They took off in their car and nobody ever saw them again."

Channel Seven has a partnership with the Better Business Bureau called "Emergency Preparedness: Before and after the storm."

It features links that will help you prepare for a storm...or navigate life after one.

You can find that information by visiting and clicking on "Emergency prep" under the weather tab.

Air date: April 7th, 2017

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