Tow Storm Towing

Nick Massey left a lot of trouble behind in Texas.  It seems he is making some new trouble here in Arkansas with his new wrecker service. 


It seems a storm has blown in from Texas and several Arkansans have been hurt by it.

But they say these damages are being caused by bad business, not bad weather.

Excalibur Towing lost its license in Texas.

Owner Nick Massey owes state regulators there over $100,000.00 in fines.

Police in Arlington have dozens of arrest warrants for him.

So in June Massey came to Arkansas for a fresh start.

That fresh start cost Eric Scoggins $290.00.

"Being that the spots next to me were empty and quite a few other empty spots...I didn't think anything of it being an issue," says Scoggins.

On July 13th Scoggins parked his SUV a few inches over his parking space's line so his neighbor, who has a baby, would have more room to load her child into her backseat. No one lives next to him so those spaces are not being used.

At 3:00 am his vehicle was towed.

"To be honest with you I thought it was stolen,” recalls Scoggins. “But I didn't see any glass or anything on the ground so I went to the office and asked them about it."

Because of complaints Bella Vista apartments has cancelled its contract with Tow Storm Towing.

The same is true for Spanish Jons apartments...where about a dozen vehicles were towed in one night for such offenses as backing into a parking space, parking over the line and having expired tags.

"F*** the police. I'm towing f***ing cars whether they f***ing like it or not. F*** he police. Ha!"

Steve Rogers with the Arkansas Towing and Recovery Board says this video of Nick Massey was sent to him by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation.

"I've been with this agency as director for two years and I've not seen anything like that," says Rogers.

"Hey this is Jason Pederson with Channel 7..."

We talked to Massey by phone. He says he regrets the video. He says Texas had just revoked his license and he was having a bad day.

Lately, it has been Arkansans having the bad days...courtesy of Tow Storm Towing.

"We had 156 formal complaints in the last fiscal year,” says Rogers. “So to get two dozen complaints on one company in such a short period of time is troublesome."

Complaints against Tow Storm Towing are scheduled to be heard by the Towing and Recovery Board on September 19th.

If you have a complaint about Tow Storm Towing or any wrecker service you should contact the Arkansas Towing and Recovery Board.

Air date: August 18th, 2017

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