Tow Storm Towing's lot emptied

More complaints against a new wrecker service in central Arkansas. (Photo: KATV) 


The Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office has opened a criminal investigation into the towing practices of a wrecker service new to the Little Rock area.

Seven-On-Your-Side has the latest on a company we first warned you about in mid-August.

Bella Vista and Spanish Jon's apartments had short-lived relationships with Tow Storm Towing.

Since then several other complexes have cut ties with Tow Storm too.

Rayona Gossett says her car was towed in the middle of the night by Tow Storm Towing.

She says the driver took photos and gave them to her apartment manager to justify the tow.

But she produced a photo of her own that she says proves her car was pulled over that line.

"So you think they dragged your car over the line and then took a picture..."

"Took a picture,” says Gossett. “And then said 'Hey, her car was over the line. That's why we towed it."

Gossett complained to management at Arrowhead apartments and Tow Storm is now banned from the property.

The same thing happened at Summertree and Valley View apartments.

And Gossett got her car back without paying the $290.00 that Tow Storm wanted.

So will a lot of other vehicle owners after Pulaski County deputies visited Tow Storm, took down VIN numbers and had every vehicle on the lot removed.

The sheriff’s office is investigating possible criminal charges after information was provided by the Arkansas Towing and Recovery Board about suspected illegal tows.

About 40 vehicles were towed off Tow Storm's lot.

"This new Tow Storm company y'all got is not legit,” is what Gossett told her apartment manager. “I done seen all the complaints and all the stuff with these guys. They done got ran out of Texas."

We're not sure but company owner Nick Massey may have returned to Texas and left his company in the hands of a manager.

As for all the vehicles on Tow Storm's lot, they are now at Metro Towing. Owners will still have to pay about $80.00 to reclaim each one.

Tow Storm Towing still has a hearing set before the Arkansas Towing and Recovery Board on September 19th.

Air date: Sept. 4th, 2017

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