Day care workers not required to get flu vaccine

When Cooper Hayes came home with the flu, his mom, Elizabeth, was baffled by where he could have picked up the virus because even her extended family was vaccinated, but when she questioned her daycare she learned they were not required to take that same precaution.
"It was very frustrating to know that the day cares don't put the children's and baby's health first," said Hayes.
Currently there are no regulations that require flu shots for childcare workers, but the Department of Health and the Department of Human services are working to change that.
"We think its an important regulation to move forward with, but we have to work with providers and make sure its something they could manage as well," said Amy Webb, spokesperson for DHS.
The DHS is drafting vaccination rules to be approved by the legislature. For parents like Elizabeth, the requirement can't come soon enough.
"I know he's in daycare. I know he will get sick. However, if there are immunizations or ways to prevent specific illnesses, why are those immunizations not being require?" asked Hayes.
It's not just the flu vaccine that's not required, the vaccine for pertussis which can be also deadly to infants is not mandatory

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