NLRSD reducing schools from 19 to 13

NORTH LITTLE ROCK (KATV){}-{}The North Little Rock School District is closing several schools to make up for millions of dollars they will lose in the desegregation settlement.

Between now and 2016 the district will be doing away with several schools and dozens of positions in their effort to save the county $70 million. It's a daunting task the superintendent said the district{}has{}been planning on doing{}for years now.

"I hope that it'll do some good," said Frederick Gilmore, a parent and employee in the district.

Its an agreement this parent says could be good or bad for the district. One thing Gilmore and others know for sure is that change is on the way.

"We're looking at everything," said Kelly Rodgers, NLRSD{}superintendent. "We're looking at software that we have, we're looking at programs that we have in place that are not growing or maybe dropping in numbers."

And it's all about numbers. The district will have to find a way to absorb $7.6 million a year for three years to meet the settlement.

"I thought it might happen over a period of 5 or 6 years. So, there is a little concern. Three years, wow. We have to make this happen in three years," said Rodgers.

The district will reduce the amount of schools from 19 to 13. It's a plan Rodgers said started three years ago and will save the district $8 million annually.

The district also plans on reducing its staff by an average of 27 employees annually by simply not filling positions.

Still Gilmore says he's still waiting to see whether the district's education quality will be impacted.

"Something is going to happen. Whether we like it or not, it remains to be seen," said Gilmore.

The district is also building new schools and remodeling others. That's expected to cut down on costs as well. For details on the district's Capital Improvement Plan and what schools will close{}click here.

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