Ahi Tuna Wraps, 7/28/14

Ryan Marsh

Trio'sFor the marinade:1 c. pineapple juice1 c. soy sauce1/4 c. juice from pickled ginger1/2 c. rice wine vinegar1 T. sugarMix all marinade ingredients together in a medium bowl and set aside.For the Volcano Sauce:1 c. mayonnaise2 T. sesame oil3 T. Sriacha sauceMix all ingredients together and transfer to a squeeze bottle. Keep refrigerated until ready to use. To assemble:Ahi or other very fresh tuna, cut into 1/2-inch cubesRomaine or bibb lettuceWhole avocados, pitted and dicedPrep tuna and place in marinade for no more than 1 minute. Toss well to completely marinate the fish. Remove tuna and place on a clean lettuce leaf. Add some of the diced avocado and a squiggle of Volcano Sauce. Roll and plate. Continue until you have assembled as many rolls as you like.

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