Dr. Jessica's PB Granola bars, 9/6/2012

Dr. Jessica's PB Granola bars

3 T. Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
1 1/2 c. Organic Peanut Butter (Smuckers Organic is tasty)
2 T. Honey
3 c. Organic Original Rolled Oats (have 1/2 C. extra handy to add at end if necessary)
1/2 c. Hemp Seeds
1/3 c. Chia Seeds
3/4 c. dehydrated organic banana OR 1 1/2 frozen organic bananas -diced into small cubes
3/4 c. organic dark chocolate chips OR organic semi-sweet chocolate chips
2/3 c. organic raw pumpkin seeds (unsalted)


    1. Using a large pot that will allow stirring of all ingredients, add coconut oil, place on warmer of stove, or VERY LOW heat, until becomes liquid

    2. Add peanut butter and honey, blend well

    3. Add remaining ingredients, EXCEPT CHOCOLATE CHIPS, blend well

    4. Let cool for 5 min, then add chocolate chips and immediately dump into 10x10 pan (or smaller for thicker bar)

    5. Pack down and freeze for 2 hours minimum

    6. Once firm and frozen, cut and serve (will begin to fall apart if left at room temp)

    Might want to ensure we mention the following (for example, if someone has a peanut allergy they shouldn't try these)

    Health Disclaimer - allergies, young children, trouble digesting seeds