Fruit Leather, 5/30/14

2 cups fresh fruit (cleaned, pitted, peeled, etc.) 1/4 cup apple sauce (optional- will help with texture) Honey to taste Juice of half a lemon A light vegetable oil, such as pecan oil Tools- Blender, sheet pan, parchment paper, pastry brush for oil 1) puree fruit in blender 2) Add honey and lemon, adjust for taste 3) line baking sheet with parchment paper, brush lightly with oil 4) pour fruit to 1/8 inch thickness There are many ways to dry fruit leather. Drying times depend on humidity and ambient temperature. - 200F oven for 4-6 hours. -a food dehydrator -the "hot car" method- south-facing in the back of a car window on a hot day -outside in the sun. you may want to tent for bugs. -in a garden cold frame
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