Grilled Salmon Deviled Eggs, 4/17/14


Loca Luna & Red Door

For every 6eggs add another egg so you will have an extra yolk for the filling.

Locate theyolk and turn the egg so you can slice through the middle of it. Remove theyolk from the egg halves. I suggest cooking a couple of extra eggs in case onetears up.

6 eggs cutin half

Remove yolkand mash (add 1 more yolk)


1/8 teaspoononion powder

1/4 teaspoongarlic powder

1/8 teaspoonblack pepper

3tablespoons Mayonnaise

4 teaspoonsprepared mustard

3tablespoons sweet pickle juice

2tablespoons crème fraiche or sour cream

1 tablespooncapers drained well and chopped fine

1 tspprepared horseradish

2 -3oz. grilled salmon chopped (over cook fish until it is very firmthroughout)

Garnish: Sprinkleof smoked paprika and chopped chives.

If you likeyour filling a little sweeter add a pinch or two of sugar.

(Crème fraiche recipe is on KATV web site fromprevious segment on Hazelnut Mousse.)

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