Oven Roasted Duck Breast with a Guinness-Honey Mustard & White Truffled-Portobello Mushroom Jack Cheese Grits

Oven RoastedDuck Breast with a Guinness-honey mustard and

Whitetruffled-portobello mushroom jack cheese grits





46-8 oz. Duck Breasts, fat on and scored

Saltand Pepper



1Cup Quick Grits

2Cups Chicken Stock

1Cup Heavy Cream

1Cup Jack Cheese

1/2Cup Butter

1Large Portobello Mushroom, diced and sauted in butter

WhiteTruffle Oil

1Tablespoon Minced Garlic

Saltand Pepper



1Bottle Guinness, reduced by 1/2

1Cup Dijon Mustard

1Cup Honey




Instock pot, bring chicken stock, garlic, heavy cream, and butter to boil.{} Add grits, stir until smooth.{} Add Jack cheese, mushrooms, salt andpepper.{} Continue cooking until creamyand combined.


Usinghot heavy pan or cast iron skillet, sear seasoned duck breast fat side down.{} When fat is browned, turn breast over andcontinue cooking.{} Duck may be finishedto desired temperature in 400 degree oven.


Combinereduced Guinness, Dijon mustard, and honey in a bowl.


Servesliced duck over grits with Guinness-honey mustard glaze.{} Use the truffle oil as garnish for the grits.

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