Peanut Butter Cereal Bars, 9/13/13

      Jason Knapp


      Base Layer


      1 cup light corn syrup

      1 cup brown sugar

      2 cups peanut butter

      3 cups cinnamon toast crunch

      3 cups corn flakes


      Middle Layer


      1/2 cup butter

      2 cup powdered sugar

      1 box vanilla pudding mix (small box)

      3 T milk


      Top Layer

      6 oz chocolate chips

      5 T butter


      Melt corn syrup , brown sugar and peanut butter together.{} Mix in cereal, then spread on cookie sheet/bar pan.{} Cool for at least one hour.


      For middle layer, mix all ingredients together and spread over peanut butter cereal layer.{} Allow to set up for 15-20 minutes.


      For top layer, melt together and spread over middle layer.{} Put in fridge to set up.