Salmon Mousse, 2/7/13

ChefMark Abernathy{}{} Red Door and LocaLuna


1/2package of unflavored gelatin ( 1/4 oz. package)

8oz. salmon{}{}

1 1/2 cup sour cream

1cup cream cheese

2tablespoons heavy cream

3tablespoons lemon juice

Zestfrom 1 lemon

1tablespoon capers{}{}{}

1/2teaspoon smoked paprika

1teaspoon sea salt


Optional:{} a healthy dash of cayenne pepper



Placea 1/4 cup of water in a sauce pan, sprinkle in the gelatin, let it soften for 5minutes and then heat gently over low heat, stirring until dissolved. Removefrom heat.


Ina food processor, combine other ingredients. Puree until silky smooth. With themotor running slowly pour in the gelatin mixture. Taste and add more salt andcayenne pepper if you like. I like quite a bit more then this recipe callsfor.{}


Pourinto bowls, ramekins or molds. To remove from molds, run a knife around the topedge and heat in warm water. Turn over to release.{}


Garnishwith fresh dill stalks and lemon wheels. Serve with crackers or baguetteslices, for serving. I like to top unfolded Mousse with a little chopped dilland a drizzle of fresh lemon juice.{}