Super Bowl Egg Roll Sandwiches, 1/29/14

by Gary Duke at Alley Oops

Egg roll wraps, buy the pre made one in the store

Fresh jalapeno's or pickle spears

Ham, thinly sliced, any kind of lunch meat will work.

Cream cheese, you can use any cheese you have on hand for this recipe.

cooking oil

1. If you are using fresh jalapeno's, slice them thinly, remove the seeds and tops. I like to sauté the jalapeno's for a few minutes in a little oil.

2. Stuff the egg roll with any combination of jalapeno's or pickles, meat and cheese.

3. Roll everything up as directed on the egg roll package.

4. Heat oil in a skillet and fry, seam side down first, till brown, turn and continue cooking till brown on all sides.

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