Limeades for Learning helps North Little Rock school

A local elementary school is receiving funding for innovative teaching tools thanks to a partnership with Sonic. (KATV photo)

Ask any teacher, the majority of learning tools carry massive price tags.

As some schools struggle to find funding, teachers at Amboy Elementary are providing new opportunities for students.

From chairs that help students stay seated to gizmos and gadgets which help children learn about engineering, it's all thanks to Limeades for learning.

Here's how it works:

  1. Sonic partners with a website called "Donors choose"
  2. Teachers describe what they need on the website.
  3. Community members then get to vote for their favorite projects by placing one vote a day. (Community members can earn more votes from eating at Sonic.)
  4. The projects with the most votes, receive funding.

Much to the delight of students, Amboy Elementary was awarded several grants.

"Every time the boxes start coming in, the kids just get so excited. It's like Christmas every day."

Teachers say these tools can be a game changer, teaching critical thinking and analytic skills.

"Our society and what jobs we're going to have in the future are different. We have to prepare our students for jobs that aren't even around.

Across the country, Sonic donated more than a million dollars in grants.

You can get involved in projects like these by visiting Limeades for Learning or Donors Choose.

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