Medcheck: Rhinoplasty helps correct breathing problems

Rhinoplasty can also correct breathing problems without changing the look of your nose. (KATV photo)

Most people think of cosmetic surgery when they hear rhinoplasty...or a nose job.

But rhinoplasty can also correct breathing problems…without changing the look of your nose.

Sangeetha Anand moved to the United States from India. In 2007, she developed chronic allergy problems, finding it increasingly difficult to breathe.

“For everybody breathing is involuntary but for me it wasn't so,” Anand said.

She had septal deviation surgery and was on medications year round.

Eventually, she was referred to Dr. Jennings Boyette, a facial and reconstructive surgeon at UAMS.

“Many things we can do medications for and some patients do great with those, but some things have more of a structural component, and Ms. Anand had previous surgery, had some of the more common type of simple procedures to open up nasal passageways and help people breathe,” Dr. Boyette said.

He says although people usually think of rhinoplasty as a cosmetic procedure, it can also help with breathing issues.

“Our goal was to make her breathe better without changing the way she looks and that sometimes is very much harder and more challenging than to make it look different,” Dr. Boyette said.

Dr. Boyette worked on the internal nasal valve, the narrowest portion.

“Enlarging that angle really helped her ability to breathe,” Dr. Boyette said.

And without changing the appearance of her nose.

“I'm extremely satisfied with what he has done, it's just like it was earlier and he's done a wonderful job,” Anand said.

Anand can now breathe easily and is free from medication.

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