27 pounds of synthetic drug seized in Pine Bluff investigation

Pine Bluff police seized nearly 27 pounds of synthetic marijuana - part of an ongoing investigation into trafficking of the drug. (Photo courtesy: Pine Bluff Police Dept.)

Nearly 27 pounds of synthetic marijuana was seized by Pine Bluff detectives during a search of a storage unit.

"What it basically boils down to is the seizure was over 740 individuals packets with a street value of a little bit over $33,000," said Officer Richard Wegner.

The Pine Bluff Vice and Narcotics Division says the bust on Thursday, September 7, was part of an ongoing investigation into the trafficking and sale of the drug, also known as K2.

Police say they know who the suspected owner is, but they have not made an arrest yet.

"We've got to actually find him and lay hands on him," said Officer Wegner.

In the meantime, authorities are warning of the drug's dangers. Though police say some believe it to be a safer alternative to other narcotics, it has been attributed to some deaths.

"The dangerous part is one composition may actually be relatively harmless, while the next one may actually kill you," said Officer Wegner.

Anyone with knowledge of the sale of synthetic marijuana is told to contact police.

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