3 year-old bitten by snake hiding under his toy truck

Bruising and the remnants of a puncture wound are the markings leftover on 3 year-old Judson McClane's leg after a venomous cottonmouth snake bit him. (Photo: KATV)

Josh McClane was outside playing with his son Judson and daughter Jasmine when it happened. Judson had gone to go play with his toy dump truck when McClane heard his scream.

"I heard him yelp real loud," said McClane. "I figured it was an ant or maybe a wasp."

It turned out, hiding underneath Judson's Tonka truck was a snake. Doctors in Camden told them to go to Children's Hospital in Little Rock after they identified that the snake that bit the three year-old was the venomous cottonmouth, commonly referred to as a water moccasin.

"He was in severe pain when we got there, the second day the same - but they took care of him the right way," recalled McClane.

It took 16 viles of anti-venom to treat young Judson. Judson's leg looks a lot better now than the swollen limb from just five days before.

"They like warm spaces," said Lamor Williams of the Little Rock Zoo.

"If you are outside and you have things in your yard it's a good idea to be careful when you turn things over."

Williams said water moccasins can be aggressive, but typically won't bite unless provoked.

"This one was likely resting and was likely enjoying a warm space under his toy," said Williams.

Getting rid of easy hiding spaces like high grass and brush piles can make your yard less of a likely hiding spot for these potentially deadly snakes. With springtime being mating season for cottonmouths, it's a good idea to take extra precautions with kids while outside, making sure they're within sight and their toys don't become hiding spots for snakes.

"I'm going to start picking up every evening," said McClane. "I'll go out and scout it out before we all come outside."

Mothballs can be used as a preventative measure against snakes, but it's not always reliable since they're not made for the purpose of fending off snakes. Commercial snake repellants are available, but can be harmful to pets and other animals.

Making sure your yard is rodent free will make the yard less attractive to snakes, creating an environment for the snakes without food.

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