Arkansas firefighters incorporate drones

Firefighters in West Memphis, Arkansas will soon incorporate the use of drones in their everyday work. (Photo: WREG)

Firefighters in West Memphis, Arkansas will soon have air support on some of their calls.

The department says they are getting ready to utilize a new drone.

Officials say they spent $1,800 out of their equipment budget to buy it, saying the device will save time and manpower when responding to an emergency.

"What 10 guys can cover on the ground, this can cover itself in half the time. After we had a hazmat incident a few weeks ago, we discussed it."

That Hazmat incident was a truck that spilled poisonous material.

Fire officials say with a drone it would have taken 10 minutes instead of an hour to secure the scene and would have saved them money in overtime pay they gave to off duty officers that were called in to help.

They are now going through drone training and hope to get certified to protect the public in the next month.

The department is hoping to have at least 12 firefighters certified to fly the drone.

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