Arkansas National Guard sends more troops to Texas

The Arkansas National Guard has sent hundreds of more soldiers to Texas to relieve those already working in the Harvey recovery efforts. (Photo: KATV) 

While many enjoy the Labor Day holiday, that doesn't stop the Arkansas National Guard from doing its job as hundreds of soldiers prepare for a mission.

"We really knew Thursday afternoon that yes we've got a response we've got a very short window to get people out this weekend. So between Thursday afternoon and Monday morning, we have gone from zero to 110 miles per hour to make this happen," said Lt. Colonel Joel Lynch.

One main convoy with three separate serials, meaning a certain number of vehicles with a certain amount of of personel, are heading to the Houston area.

"This is pretty standing operating procedure for the National Guard. These operations is basically why we exist. We are here to help support the local emergency responders in basically whatever efforts they may need," said Battery Commander Bryand Sherman.

These soldiers are always prepared and ready to go when called to a response.

"In that short amount of time, you of course have to prepare you family, pack your stuff, and get to the armory. Once they get to the armory which is in all the home towns all over the state we finally have them converging on Camp Robinson which was happening yesterday for our task force"

The specifics of the mission and the length of time soldiers will be gone was not released.

"Their mission is to relieve other military personal as they have been working long hours during this hurricane disaster."

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