City trying to stop new gentlemen's club in Little Rock

Little Rock city leaders and at least one lawmaker are taking action in hopes of stopping a new gentlemen's club from opening.{ } (KATV Photo)

Little Rock city leaders and at least one lawmaker are taking action in hopes of stopping a new gentlemen's club from opening.

Numerous complaints have been received by the city, Senator Linda Chesterfield (D-30) also voiced her concerns on behalf of her constituents.

As KATV previously reported just last week, the owner of this new club sued a state agency after they denied him a transfer of business permit from a location on Asher Street to a new lot at the corner of Dixon Road and Arch Street.

A Pulaski County judge ruled in the owner’s favor, overturning the Alcoholic Beverage Control’s decision, which paved the way for construction.

While it appeared at the time, that the state had been defeated, the city is now warning the owner the location of this new club will violate the city’s sexually-oriented business ordinance.

"I don't know if there's an assumption that crime is going come with this or not, but there's some strong opposition,” said City Director, Ken Richardson.

The city is using the sexually-oriented business ordinance dating back to the late 80's, saying the new club would be in violation of that ordinance since a church is less than 750 feet away. If they did open, they would be fined daily. City Attorney Tom Carpenter confirmed to KATV they’re sending the owner a warning letter.

In a letter, the county judge notified the city that they still had jurisdiction despite that the location is outside of city limits.

"The judge raised some interesting points in terms of, even though it's not in the city limits that the city has extraterritorial jurisdiction and we can actually have an impact on what goes and what doesn't go there," added Richardson.

Channel 7 News once again reached out the owner through his attorney, but did not heard back.

Just earlier this week, the ABC director worked with lawmakers to close a loophole that would prevent a transfer of business permit to occur again like this one did.

On Friday, lawmakers are expected to adopt a new rule that would require a permit holder to go in front of either the city council or a quorum court before asking ABC for a transfer.