Community mourns deputy, two women killed in Yell County

A small group gathered at River Front Park in Dardanelle to remember the three victims killed in Yell County on Thursday. (Photo: KATV)

A small community in Yell County was left shaken Thursday night after a suspect allegedly killed a Yell County Sheriff's deputy and two women.

"I don't hear of these things happening in small towns."

State Police say 42-year-old James Arthur Bowden killed three people early in the morning; two unidentified women at his house on Gum Springs Road and Lt. Kevin Mainhart with the Yell County Sheriff's Office.

Friends and strangers gathered at River Front Park Thursday night to hold a vigil to remember all three victims.

"I'm just praying for his family, hoping everything would be okay and for all of the hostages and everybody involved," said Colton Reynolds.

"Inside of me, God is telling me I should be here out of respect for all of the lives that were changed by this," said Warren Sperow.

Joining hands, the small group prayed for peace for the families.

Sperow worked with one of the female victims for 10 years and called her a friend.

State Police have not released the names of the two female victims yet or their relation to Bowden.

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