Dozens of dogs rescued in Dewitt

Pulaski County Humane Society rescues 26 dogs after owner has a heart attack. (KATV Photo)

More than 30 dogs made a mobile home their home in Dewitt, until the elderly owner suffered a heart attack.

"He had left behind several animals in a hoarding situation. They were trying to clean up the property and get it ready so he could come back. We said 'How many?' They said, 'We're not sure.' We went down and checked it out and decided we needed to help," explained Pulaski County Humane Society Board President Debbie Howell.

When Howell and the crew arrived, they noticed many of the dogs had hair in patches.

"We're not sure what that's due to right now. A lot of fleas in the area and insects, and we're expecting a lot of parasites," said Howell.

Despite living on a fixed income, the owner tried to care for the dogs. He spent most of his money on dog food, which he stored in an old van on his property. However, the situation got out of hand. The dogs weren't fixed and neighbors dumped even more on him.

"I think some of the animals, my understanding is, were dumped on this individual, but also, this individual had a really big heart. He was even feeding animals that weren't even on his property," said Howell.

One litter of puppies didn't survive the rescue. Howell says the situation is heartbreaking but not isolated.

"It's just going on everywhere, neighbors dumping on neighbors and not taking responsibility," said Howell.

The dogs won't be available for adoption for the next couple months. They're going to first get them healthy before they make them available to the public.

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