Early morning drug raid puts nearly 30 Arkansas County residents behind bars

Early morning drug raid puts nearly 30 Arkansas County residents behind bars. (Photo KATV)

It was an early morning wake up call for many Arkansas County residents Thursday morning as law enforcement officers were at their doors with search warrants.

"These search warrants have been due to an ongoing investigation for the last six months by the Tri-County Drug Task Force," Todd Wright, Arkansas County Sheriff, said.

Around 6 a.m. 70 officers from multiple agencies went to execute 30 narcotic related search warrants in Dewitt, Stuttgart and Gillett.

Wright told KATV they were able to arrest 22 out of the 30 people and all were arrested on drug charges. He most of them were in possession of methamphetamine.

"I feel like it went well, got a lot of narcotics off the street and some stolen guns and some more stolen items," Wright said.

According to the Tri-County Drug Task Force, this area, especially Jefferson County is a major hub for narcotic activity.

However, Wright said with raids like this they can continue to combat drug abuse in Arkansas, Jefferson and Lincoln counties.

"We're continually working with the Tri-County Drug Task Force and other agencies to try to stop the narcotics from coming into Arkansas County which in turn alleviates a lot of thefts in our area," Wright said.

Wright also told KATV those arrested are being held at the Arkansas Count y Detention Center in Dewitt and could possibly face felony charges and prison time.

The following were arrested during this drug round up:

*Errick Berry: Probation Violation / Poss. Drug Para.

*Karen Campbell: Delivery of Controlled Sub.

*Lynda Eason: Poss of Drug Para / Poss of DefacedFirearm /Sim Poss drugs and firearm / Theft by Rec. / Poss Cont Sub

*Justin Glover: Poss Drug Para / Driving on Susp

*Herbert Griffie: Poss Drug Para to ingest Cont Sub / Poss Drug Para w/ Int to Manufacture / Parole Violation

*Paul Eason: Delivery Cont Sub - 2 counts

*Megan Griffie: Poss. Drug Para

*Thaddys Hearington: Theft of Prop.

*Gregory Hill: Delivery Cont Sub.

* Johnny Howard: Delivery Cont Sub / Parole Violation

*Larry Hudson: Delivery Cont Sub

*Canessa Roberts: Poss Drug Para

*Kay Robinson: Delivery of Cont Sub

*Jomont Silverman: Poss Cont Sub, / Theft by Rec. / Poss Drug Para / Delivery Cont Sub / Poss Drug Para to ingest Cont Sub

*Jeremy Stain: Drug Court Commitment

*Stephanie Swan: Poss Cont Sub

*Benny West: Delivery Cont Sub - 2 counts / Poss Drug Para

*Bruce Wyatt: Fleeing / Parole Violation

*Crystal May: Parole Violation / Delivery Cont Sub

* Roger Orman: Delivery Cont Sub

*Joy Smith: Delivery Cont Sub

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